Who's going to service my machine?
If your machine location within Klang Valley / Kuala Lumpur area, our service team will take part for the service works. Outstation will depends on the status of the machine, if the machine service can be done by local repair man, we will distribute our co-partner to take part for your service work.

How much will you charge me?
Kindly report your machine condition to your Rasa Royal Account Representative, Whatsapp send in video and photo attached, we will issue draft quotation with estimate repair amount and send to your client portal, login to your client portal and approve / denied the quotation, once you have accept the Quotation for repair workmanship, we will arrange our technician within , 1 days ( Klang Valley / Kuala Lumpur Area ), 3 days ( Other States ).

I'm still under warranty period, will you charge me?

Warranty only covered on electric motor, radiator, condenser, compressors, PLC controller, airpump, beater, cylinder compartment, for 12 months.
Wear and Tear parts such as - o-rings, discharge o-ring, wave-ring, nozzel (star cap), beaters, hopper cover, waste box, discharge door ,pump feed, pump stopper, pump pipe, timing belt, will not covered by warranty. 

How long do i need to refill the gas? When is the right time to refill the gas?

Refill gas will base on your usage, sometime it need to be refill every 6 months ( high peak usage), every 12 months ( mid-low peak usage ), 18 months ( low peak usage ). You may call us to have a tutorial on how to increase the ice cream hardness setting for temporary solving your issue.

How long will it take to receive service on my equipment?

Most calls, requiring a service visit, result in our technician arrival within 24 hours ( Klang Valley / KL ), 72 hours ( Outstation ). The distributor technicians are factory trained and certified with service vehicles stocked with Rasa Royal Genuine Parts.

Is there training for my new equipment?

We will conduct training in 2 different way,
1. You may send your retail staff (Max 4 Pax ) trained in our showroom;
2. OR our certified trainer to your retail store to have site training .
Both training are on charges basis. 

We do provide free of charge basic video training for our customer. How to proper care , maintenance and operational procedures.

For Exclusive Training Programme, on how to design your signature product, what is the correct costing and selling price, where to get exclusive pricing for the ingredients, how to design the shop layout, brand perspective and many more. Do contact us for Free Consultation

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