What is the specialties for Rasa Royal Ice Cream Powder?

We manufactured from Machinery to Ingredients. Our Ingredients production certified with FSSC22000, Jakim Halal, GMP, HACCP, and ISO. Our successful client list from MNC Retail Chain Store to individual brand operator. We love to discover the latest market trend and design products that fit into the market needs. Our ice cream powder have widely used in numerous of chain-store and brands, which one of our signature powder that can design to fit with various types of syrup, fruit pulp, powder, and paste. You may design your own formulation of ice cream on demand. Which the formulation is owned by you. We do have ready premixed flavour ice cream powder, which widely use in higher demand customer base.

Will you install a machine for free if I buy my mix from you?

We design some program to crossover with certain brand operator. While getting a machine for free may sound like a good idea, the mix price is marked up to pay for the equipment. No equity in the equipment is ever grained, and the premium mix price reduces profits. If you change to a different mix manufacturer, you lose the machine subsidies at the same time.

You may lease / rent a machine from us, once the machine is paid for deposit, your profit margin goes up. Mixes can be selected to fit the consumer trends in each area, with the freedom to change brands as needed.

Do you supply the mix as well as the machine?

We manufactured our own mix. You may find us for OEM , reseller package, for more information kindly contact us.

Can I make my own soft serve mix?

While some remote areas in the world may choose to make their own soft serve mix, problems with separation and product breakdown usually cause problems. Dairies and mix companies have the expertise to make soft serve mixes with the proper balance of sweeteners, emulsifiers and stabilisers to produce quality soft serve. Premixed powder are also available, which can be reconstituted with water.

What is overrun?

Overrun is the amount of air that is introduced into the product before it is dispensed. Higher overrun has more air in the finished product, making it a fluffier, lighter product. Percentage of overrun equals percentage increase in the volume of the finished product.

What’s the difference in cost per serving on; soft serve, yogurt, and batch ice cream?

We can assist you with building a profit story comparison for different products, helping to ensure our equipment that best fits your needs. 

What are emulsifiers and what does it do to ice cream?

Emulsifiers allow products that consist of oils and water to stay mixed with minimal separation. For ice cream, emulsifiers help to create a finished product that is stiffer and dryer.

What are stabilisers and what does it do to ice cream?

Stabilisers reduce large ice crystal formation in hand-dipped ice cream, and extend the shelf life. Stabilisers help with a smoother texture and ensure that the ice cream doesn’t melt as easily. In soft serve ice cream, stabilisers help prevent overbeating or product breakdown in the freezing cylinder.