Rasa Royal Ice Cream Machine FAQ


Which ice cream machine's model is best for my business and how profitable will it be?
We will review your needs based on your store’s menu and product interest. They will determine the perfect model to fit your business, from classic model, to higher premium spec. Mr Steve is a professional business consultant who will develop a profit story and the anticipated return of investment.

Can someone help me put together a plan for my store?
Yes, we can assist you with planning your foodservice need for our equipment. Contact us now

How much space will I need?
We will assess your requirements and give you a comprehensive solution for your foodservice need. For equipment specifications, view here.
We will encourage our customer to blank a safe-zone, example as below,

Why is Rasa Royal foodservice equipment the right choice for me?
Your business is only as good as the menu you develop. With our extensive knowledge of the industry, we can help you anticipate consumer demands and help you stay ahead of the curve. Rasa Royal equipment offers you the versatility and customised capabilities to meet those demands and even create new trends of your own. With the Rasa Royal Company, you’re getting a knowledgeable partner for the life of your business, a partner that will work with you to provide the equipment and concepts you need to continuously advance the potential and profitability of your operation.

How can I receive a current price list?
Contact us for assistance with model selection, leasing information, and pricing. We can provide you with a personalised profit story and a quotation for the return on your investment. 

Are leasing / renting plans available?
Leasing / Renting plans are available through terms and conditions. Contact Us for more information.

Is Rasa Royal equipment easy to use?
Yes, Rasa Royal equipment maximizes efficiency, consistency, time savings and safety for both the food and operators. With your new or existing model, we can assist you with an equipment demonstration in our showroom.

How can I setup an equipment demonstration?
Contact us, our showroom frequently hold shows, seminars and open houses throughout the year where you can see equipment in action.

Where can I purchase parts?
Our Genuine Parts are all time available. Every component and compartment have different shelf life to change every 3 or 6 months. Contact us for more information.

Can I trade in my machine toward a new piece of equipment?
No, currently we don't take any used / trade-in machine at this moment.

Can I rent Rasa Royal equipment?
Leasing / Renting plans are available through terms and conditions. Contact Us for more information.

Do you have used/refurbished equipment? Does it come with a warranty?
Yes, usually we will act as referral / middle man to direct link prospect client to our existing client, all the trade will be direct liaise within both party. Prospect client can addition purchase our EXTENDED WARRANTY package if the existing warranty ended.

Will you buy back my equipment?
We will refer prospect client to connect for your machine. It's depends on time to time for availabilities.

 What warranty is included with my new Rasa Royal equipment?
For Soft Serve Ice Cream equipment; shells, hoppers and compressors carry a 1 year (12 Months) manufacturer’s parts warranty. Extended service contracts may be available.

What is included in the price of my new machine?
Our promotional item will be available on time-to-time basis, Contact us for more exclusive promotion.

Does Rasa Royal have a Preventative Maintenance Program?
Yes, base on client need and scale of business, we will provide custom Preventive Maintenance & Service Agreements.

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